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Kalimat Pronoun dan Adjective Clause

Contoh Kalimat Pronoun

1.     Andi is a student. He studies in SD Kartika.
2.     Steffie is my friend. She is very beautiful.
3.     Look at the boys! They are my brothers.
4.     This is my sister. She is twelve years old.
5.     He told me that he will go to Alaska.
6.     We must visit our aunt. She is lonely.
7.     I don’t like her. She is too talkative.
8.     Harry is famous. Almost all students in this school know him.
9.     We don’t know them and they don’t know us.
10.            Alissa is one of my friends. I like her because she is very    kind.
11.            Do you know her? I don’t know her.
12.            She is angry and never talks to us.
13.            Debby is happy. She got a gift from her boyfriend.
14.            They are my pupils. I teach them.
15.            An old woman asked me what the time was.

Contoh Kalimat Adjective Clause

Adjective clause dengan relative pronoun
The man who is sitting over there is my father.
The book which you bought yesterday is very interesting.
This is the place that I visited some years ago.
Mr. Bambang whose son is my friend is presenting a paper in a seminar.

Adjective clause dengan relative adverb
This is the reason why she did it.
The time when the plane takes off and lands will be changed soon.
Jakarta is the place where I was born.

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